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Do I pay taxes on my pot?

Provincial sales tax is built into our prices. We pay all of your provincial taxes for all your purchase with full government trasperancy. We also pay income tax on every dollar we make. We are not about cheating the government out of money. We are simply being civilly disobidiant in protest of Canada’s draconian marijuana laws.

How is it that we have the cheapest prices in Canada?

Bulk Marijuana is a lot cheaper than other dispensaries would lead you to believe. We simply have a different business model. We have high turn over and low profits. We have set models for pricing that add a small percentage on to the base price. This has resulted in BudgetBuds being the No.1 budget dispensary in Canada.

What type of quality should I expect? 

We have very high standards for the flower that we accept. Our flower ranges between “A” grade all the way up to “AAAA” grade. We sift through the flower removing oversized stems, shwag, bottoms, undesirable pieces and popcorn buds. We are very vigilant when it comes to screening for proccesed buds, we guarantee you will never receive stripped or blasted buds. All our vendors are trusted didicated suppliers with years of history with our company.

When is the best time to place an order?
Monday morning is always the best. All orders PAID before 10:00am (Pacific) will be sent out the same day. Any orders paid past 10:00 am PST will go out the following day. We use Expresspost shipping which takes two to five business days from the day it was sent out. Our office is open Monday to Friday 10:00 – 5:00 Vancouver time.

How long will it take to receive my order?
We use Expresspost which traditionally takes two to five business days. On occasion packages can take longer due to unexpected delays. If this does occur we do NOT compensate for late packages. We do not run Canada post and cannot be held accountable.

Is ordering this way safe, reliable and discreet?
Yes. We ship product with the utmost discretion, in a vacuum sealed package.  If we cannot fulfill your order, we will refund 100% of the purchase price, without exception. Each order comes with a unique tracking number in order to follow your package along it’s route to your destination.

Do I need proof of confirmation of diagnosis prior to ordering?
No, we offer medical and recreational cannabis for all Canadians over 18.

What is the maximum quantity of products i may order at one time?
In order to maintain the integrity of our service, we limit the purchasable amount to be the equivalent of 4oz per week. MMAR license holders with a higher daily limit and proper documentation will have their limits reviewed and may be accommodated.

What method of payments do you accept?
We accept email transfers only at this time. Until paypal and major credit cards get on board.

I am under 19, can I order now?
No. Our stance, which is in line with current health care research and professional opinion, is that people under the age of 19 may perhaps benefit less from the use of medical marijuana and there may be risks associated with the use of cannabis at a younger age. As such, we will take any such licensed individuals under consideration, however may refuse to ship medically until we review the medical documentation proving benefit over possible adverse effects. We reserve the right to refuse anyone at any time without entering into further correspondence on the matter.

What if my package gets lost or confiscated in transit?
Budgetbuds guarantees to ship all packages, however I acknowledge that budgetbuds is NOT responsible for packages once sent via Canada Post. Budgetbuds will NOT get involved in ANY claims.
We do not reimburse or replace packages lost or confiscated by Canada Post for any reason. The postal service is a risk you as the purchaser take on 100%.