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Brazilian Magic Mushrooms 1/2 oz


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1/2 oz | 14g

Keep out of reach from children. Please use responsibly and with caution.

Brazil is known for a couple potent strains of psilocybin mushrooms, one of them known as Brazilian magic mushrooms. These mushrooms have been cultivated and consumed for the psychedelic properties for years and were a large part of ancient Mesoamerican life. Throughout history, indigenous peoples ate these Brazilian psychedelic mushrooms in order to deepen their spirituality and enhance their perspective of the world. These same Brazilian shrooms still grow throughout the Northern and Northwestern regions of Brazil and are a very well-known, trip-inducing magic mushroom that is sought out by many Brazilians and travellers. Brazilian magic mushrooms have continued to grow in popularity, and they’ve definitely become a favourite among micro-growers all over the world. Like many of the magic mushrooms that grow in and around the Amazon rainforest, Brazilian magic mushrooms are known to be have powerful psychotropic effects and can be highly enlightening.

Typical psilocybin mushroom dose is  1-2.5g, however, it’s best to start with a little and build once you know how you react (especially for first time users). A mircodose is 100mg.

We offer only high quality Canadian grown magic mushrooms.

Keep out of reach from children. Please use responsibly and with caution.

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