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Captain Crunch | Premium Hybrid Cones


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10 pre-rolls
Sturdy Doob Tube

*Premium Hybrid Cones*

*Our pre-roll cones come in a handy doob tube container. Made from sturdy cardboard, keeping the joints fresh and intact.

About the strain: Captain Crunch is an indica dominant hybrid and has a 70:30 indica/sativa ratio. This strain is great for those wanting to kick back and relax as it does have the potential to knock you out all day. The buds are unexpectedly large and dark green in colour. Additionally, they are quite frosty with tiny hairs seeping through their surface. It is called Captain Crunch because it actually does smell like the cereal itself but with pine undertones. The taste is just about the same and is quite sweet at the same time. The strain offers an amazing body buzz and it will calm your senses in no time. Moreover, it is the perfect strain to medicate with if you are unable to relax. Unlike other strains, it is not a creeper. It hits hard and fast. In a matter of minutes, you will feel the high set in and take control of your body and mind. You will eventually exhibit symptoms of couch-lock as well.

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