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Champagne Diesel | Premium Sativa Cones


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Sativa | 10 pre-rolled joints per tube

About the strain:
Champagne Diesel is a 70:30 Sativa dominant Hybrid, created from it’s parent strains Sour Diesel and Champagne. This strain is perfect for stoners who want a yummy fruity flavour and the classic gassy smell. Champagne Diesel has a sweet & sour flavour on every exhale and smells of diesel and sour fruit when the nugs are burned. The high comes up immediately on exhale, filling the body and mind with long lasting effects ideal for a lazy day but not too heavy to knock you out.

Our pre roll cones come in a handy doobtube container. Made from sturdy cardboard, re-usable, environmentally friendly and keep joints fresh and intact.
Sativa | 10 pre-rolled joints per tube

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