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Pine Tar | Premium Hybrid Cones


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10 Pre-Rolls
Sturdy Doob Tube

About the strain:
Pine Tar Kush is a pure Indica hybrid strain that is a descendant of the classic Kush strain. This strain is named for its woody flavour and buds as sticky as sap. Pine Tar Kush’s taste is pungent and earthy with hints of piney citrus, these flavours are spicy on exhale and  intensify as you continue to smoke. Although it’s infamous for its appearance and taste, Pine Tar Kush is also well known for its effects. The high starts in the brain, giving users euphoric and uplifting effects. As the high matures, the entire body begins to buzz and relax into a sleepy, sedated state.

Our pre-roll filtered cones come in a handy doobtube container. Made from sturdy cardboard, environmentally friendly and keep joints fresh and intact.

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